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[03 Jul 2006|10:42am]
[ mood | irritated ]

Well, i'm sitting at work on my break and i completely bored. i can't ever relax before i go back to mcdonald's hell because it's so damn hot in here that im not comfortable at all.

i'm going to detroit today to see Kings of Leon after i get out of work, that time couldn't come any sooner. it's so busy here.

fuck the 4th of July and the general public with their damn obesity problem.


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[15 Jun 2006|09:50pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

okay i have a proposal for everyone.

my boyfriend (goose) and i want to go to cedar point.
neither of our parent will let us drive down there and/or neither of us have a reliable car to make it down there.

we could take a bus, but it leaves at 8pm when the park is open to like 11pm.
which is very lame.

if anyone wants to go with us and drive down there, tony and i will gladly give you lots of money for gas and whatever you want.

Please help.


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[12 Jun 2006|10:39am]


i think im going to get sick.
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[11 Jun 2006|10:55am]
High School is done.
Softball is done.

Summer officially begins.

Is it too much that I ask to be treated like I'm an adult?
I don't know what else I have to do?
I've graduated from High School, I have all my school shit done for next year, I haven't turned 18 yet, but does that really matter?
Nothing is going to change when I do.

No matter what I do, my parents probably won't let go until I'm married and I'm forced to leave.

It's sickening really, how they treat me.
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[01 Jun 2006|02:33am]
it's finally hit me.

no more innocent times.
childhood is over.

i've waited my entire life for this and now i don't want it.

my mother told me that its time for me to grow up and realize that i'm not a kid anymore.

what i don't understand is that while my parents are so focused on keeping their little girl in check and trying to hold on to her as long as they can, they don't realize that my little sister is slipping between their fingers and that she may be growing up too fast.

they think she is soo innocent, but they don't know the truth. they know everything about me, but with my sister its a different story and while i sit back and watch her have a great time, i'm here, sitting i livejournal venting to nonexistent readers. what this all comes down to is that i'm jealous of my sister's innocence even though it might be misleading it still exists. As for me, my youth sort-of-speak has expired and i guess i'm scared of what the future hold because for me, innocence is the only thing i've ever known.

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[24 May 2006|08:38pm]
1 day left...

3 hours of high school to go.
(it's a half-day)

then graduation at 6:30pm.

tomorrow is going to be crazy.

i'm finally done.
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[10 May 2006|11:21pm]
10 days...

May 25, 2006
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[03 May 2006|06:30pm]
i've decided that summer must be here now.

i'm sick of watching everything change. i miss the people i spent last summer with. i miss them dearly.
i'm tired of watching my sister turn into the people i hate. i need graduation. i need my independance.

i need change, yet i'm afraid of it might bring.
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[18 Mar 2006|06:14pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well,I'm currently sitting home alone at my house with nothing to do.
Hopefully plans for tonight's much needed partying will go smoothly. I have a feeling it won't, but I refuse to let tonight be a bust.

Oh, I also found this kind of funny.

<td align="center"> Jackie Genow --

A real life muppet

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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[14 Mar 2006|10:58pm]
Softball Day 2

The practice started off misleading with a light jog. I thought this was going to be easier than the day before.... I was wrong.
We then preceded to a
65 minute Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout with NO BREAK. It was probably one of the most exhausting things I've ever done. Some of you might be thinking, "She's overexaggerating. It couldn't be that hard." Well this was just your run-of-the-mill tae bo workout, this video had a disclaimer at the beginning that read, DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIANCED AND CONSISTANT TAE BO USER. I'm talking some high level moves were in that video. I pretty much looked like an ass doing it, which was quite funny.

Well now I'm pretty exhausted, so I'm going to bed.
Hopefully I won't have bug my Grandma to use her walker at school tomorrow.

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[12 Mar 2006|10:52am]
eastland last night sucked.
i mean don't get me wrong. i love seeing my friends that i rarely ever get hang out with, but i could of done without the 98 million preteens running about, covering themselves with toilet paper. Although somewhat amusing, it was unnecessary.

i only have 46 days of high school left.

then what?
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[04 Mar 2006|07:09pm]
my baby won king.

i love him.
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[01 Mar 2006|10:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

im bored with pretty much everything in my life.

nothing new.
it's getting old.
there is no spark left.
same old, same old.

maybe it's the winter.
or maybe it's not.

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[20 Feb 2006|10:26pm]
my life is semi-enjoyable as of right now.

it has it's ups and downs.

im currently in a recession. just like everything else.

hopefully everything will be just fine.
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[15 Feb 2006|12:00am]
Last year's Valentine's day was so incredibly good.

Why does this year's have to be a totally disaster.

Excedrin for headaches.

Blah. Blah. Blad.

end of story.
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[31 Jan 2006|09:51pm]
I’m going through a nostalgic faze and I don’t really mind it.
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[27 Jan 2006|10:20pm]

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Jackie Genow!

  1. The pigment Indian Yellow was manufactured from the urine of cows fed only on Jackie Genow.
  2. A Jackie Genowometer is used to measure Jackie Genow.
  3. Some birds use Jackie Genow to orientate themselves during migration!
  4. The Australian billygoat plum contains a hundred times more Vitamin C than Jackie Genow.
  5. In Eastern Africa you can buy beer brewed from Jackie Genow!
  6. Jackie Genow can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid!
  7. It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 43 to frown at Jackie Genow!
  8. All the moons of the Solar System are named after characters from Greek and Roman mythology, except the moons of Uranus, which are named after Jackie Genow.
  9. Jackie Genow can usually be found in nests built in the webs of large spiders.
  10. All shrimp are born as Jackie Genow, but gradually mature into females!
I am interested in - do tell me about

i found this funny.

[03 Jan 2006|04:17am]


christmas break...Collapse )

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[01 Jan 2006|12:22pm]
this christmas break has been the best i've ever had.

mostly because of:
a. this one trip to meijer with friends.
b. spending time with my babe.
c. and well new years.

pictures will be coming soon...

i was going to say what my resolution was for this year, but i forgot. oh well.

happy new year everybody.
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[26 Dec 2005|01:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

i got a camera and money from my parents, some stuff from my sister, and a gift card from my grandma.

tony bought me a couple of shirts and iron and wine's first cd.
his mom got me some socks, a gift card, and a gas card.

i love them all.

i happy because i finally had someone to spend christmas with.
love you babe.

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